• Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts


Hair369--2 Bottles + Free Gifts

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Get ready to achieve long, gorgeous, healthy hair and nails with the daily use of Hair369! The synergistic blend of 14 premium ingredients, formulated by a medical professional, will give your body a boost of vitamins for shinier, stronger, thicker hair.

Many women don’t get enough vitamins and vital nutrients in their diet, which can result in shedding, weak, and dull hair. These easy-to-swallow veggie capsules are vegan-friendly and designed to absorb quickly, so you’ll see results faster. Best of all, they’re non-GMO and made without gluten or sugar. Unlock your hair’s potential with tresses that grow longer and faster!

**Warning** Your friends will envy you and the guys will stare!


Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kara Bechtold
It Works!

I have been struggling with hair loss and thinning for some time now. I have naturally curly, fine hair and there were significant bald spots on the back of my head and I could see the hairline around my face thinning as well. Since starting these vitamins I have had hair growth and thickening. I can see the tiny hairs starting to regrow and tell my hair feels thicker at the scalp as well. I highly recommend these vitamins!

Shelley E
Excellent Hair Vitamins

These vitamins provide a lot of nourishment for my hair growth. I've tried others that actually caused my hair to be stiffer than usual. I do miss the gummy version though.

Great vitamins helps with bad skin!

I have severe seborrheic dermatitis and I really believe these vitamins have helped with keeping inflammation down. I use solution from my dermatologist as well but I’m convinced these vitamins are playing a major part too because they contain the vitamins that may be deficient in people who have my condition & I don’t use the solution on a daily basis. My face & scalp has cleared up so much and my skin is super soft! And my hair has definitely gotten longer.

A hair product that works!

My hair is really liking this formula. I'm on my 2nd order and my hair has grown and is stronger. Not sure whether my texture has changed or not but my hair is definitely more manageable. As for the hair oil, I just LOVE the smell! This formula will stay a part of my hair care regimen 🤗

Jennifer McDonald Clark

My hair has been in braids the last few months. I just started my first bottle and am seeing new growth. I will be taking my braids out soon and will really be able to see the difference.

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