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Investing in MYSELF!!

If you have been trying to decide if this is worth investment you will NOT be disappointed! I purchased the Hair Growth Formula 3 Bottles as a starter for my daughter and I. Within two weeks we noticed marked nail growth and nail strength (an added bonus). Our hair has less breakage during our wash days. You know the shower wall of hair fairies! It has now been two months and my has grown in length and thickness. When your coworkers comment on hair growth you know it's real! I have just purchased another round of Hair Growth Formula3 as I do not want to ever be without them! Order the 3 month supply the bonus scalp massager and hair ties are nice freebies! I am VEGAN so another added bonus for my health!

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Angilique Falcon
A must for your haircare routine!!

I purchased Hair & Scalp Growth Oil in a bundle for both my daughter and me two months ago. In addition to the oil, I also committed to the three-month supply of vitamins. We have both been very diligent in using both products. We have seen noticeable hair growth and overall increased thickness. The oil is easy to distribute, especially when using the massage wand that came in the bundle. Little extras are a big help. The oil is a gentle scent that we use at night and allow it to absorb by the morning. If I have ends that need a little bit of TLC I just add a few drops to my hands and smooth it on the ends. We have also used the Hair & Scalp Growth Oil as a pre-oil deep treatment. We oil our scalp and hair on a Saturday, use a plastic cap to sleep in, and then have a wash day Sunday. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. The Hair & Scalp Growth is a welcome addition to our hair care routine!

The definitely worth

I have used lots of different hair growth pills and hair369 has worked for hair growth than all of the BY FAR!!!! I ordered a 6 month supply and will be ordering another 6 month supply when these are gone

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Carrie Johnson
Satisfied Customer

I’m very please with the result of both products. The oil I mix it with my leave in moisturizer and it really works with my hair texture. I have been using the hair369 for quite a while and I’m please with that also. With the oil I can see growth that I’m happy with. Thank you

Advanced Hair Growth formula pills

I Feel these Hair Growth Pills
Has Helped Make a Difference
In My Hair Growth
And I'm Glad I Did Decide
To Purchase. Also my Nails
Are Stronger And Do Not Break Easily

Great vitamins helps with bad skin!

I have severe seborrheic dermatitis and I really believe these vitamins have helped with keeping inflammation down. I use solution from my dermatologist as well but I’m convinced these vitamins are playing a major part too because they contain the vitamins that may be deficient in people who have my condition & I don’t use the solution on a daily basis. My face & scalp has cleared up so much and my skin is super soft! And my hair has definitely gotten longer.

They work!

Very pleased I ordered a large supply of Hair369 as they are definitely working for me. Hair length has changed more dramatically than ever. Great customer service too , definitely recommend.

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Adrianna Alvarado
369 Hair growth oil I love it!

Hair 369 oil is great! Im a straight hair gal so I can only use it once a week now. Goes on easy with the applicator it comes with & a little goes a long way. So far I give it a 👍

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Yocaira Hernandez
It's work

I notice my hair growth and stop break hair. Its good smell oil 369. It's almost 1 month to grow hair.

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Natalie Carter
Scalp and hair oil

Amazing! I’ve tried so many hair gummies and hair growth oil. I have low porosity hair and sensitive scalp. I saw results from this oil and was scared to try another and be disappointed, but I decided to try one more and I have seen results on my edges like never before as well as in the back of my head where I have struggled with traction alopecia and nothing has helped until this oil I’m just amazed! I never really leave reviews, but your products has changed the game for my hair. And I’m so grateful. Can’t wait for the gummies to come back out.

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Aneetrai Rowland

Hair 369 hair growth oil is no lie the best smelling hair oil I've ever smelled, a little goes a long way. My only complaint is the bottle is so small and in my case with my big arse head ran out of it quicker than expected. The oil is not oily if that makes sense to you, it glides on easily and absorbs into your scalp right away. You guys should definitely consider manufacturing a spray can version of this exact hair oil. I know id definitely purchase and be the word of mouth. I am sad though because I don't have anymore and with COVID-19 I can't afford to 🥺, my edges were coming in more as well. Thank you hair 369 for your great products and services.

Very good

Very good product.. have purchased it multiple times now

Hair Growth Formula
Massiel Valdez

I love these pills , they really work my hair and nails are growing really fast . I just purchased my second bottle bc I love it 🥰


The hair oil has a pleasant smell and l noticed new hair growth

A hair product that works!

My hair is really liking this formula. I'm on my 2nd order and my hair has grown and is stronger. Not sure whether my texture has changed or not but my hair is definitely more manageable. As for the hair oil, I just LOVE the smell! This formula will stay a part of my hair care regimen 🤗


I started my hair rehab I think 6 or more months ago. I had lots of hair damage due to using Deva Curl. Hair loss, thinning hair. I decided to give Hairitics 369 Hair Vitamins a shot and I’ve been using it ever since. Along with the another hair product I’m using for scalp repair etc I don’t miss a day of my Hair369!! As you can see the pic on the right was me growing out a big chop with damaged hair. I want to say that was in February or March 2020. The pic on the left was my hair in September 2020. I’ve since had a trim in October but my length is growing by fast!!! Can’t wait to see what my hair will look like come Spring’21!

Hair Growth Formula 2 Bottles
Jennifer McDonald Clark

My hair has been in braids the last few months. I just started my first bottle and am seeing new growth. I will be taking my braids out soon and will really be able to see the difference.


I love it, thanksss!!

Amazing Change

Amazing is one of the words I can use to describe this vitamins. After suffering from hair loss due to some bad hair care line, I started my hair grown journey on January, since then I have seen a huge difference in my hair. I have MORE fuller hair and growth. Will continue to use hair369 and recommend them to anyone who wants a change for the better. Thank You for all this vitamins have done for me!!!


When I first received my 3 month supply of Hair 369 vitamins, I did not know what to expect. I don't like taking pills for any reason, not even health lol But, I love my hair and I am getting older, so I know with fluctuating hormones, my hair is bound to suffer, even if just a little. After reading the company write up of how they got started, I decided to try. I wanted to waylay any unnecessary loss by being proactive, rather than reactive. I saw an immediate response. After about a week, my nails became titanium rofl My nails have been the most brittle things ever. Unlike my sisters and daughters...so sad. I quickly ordered another three months supply and am still very happy. My hair is seriously thriving. I will definitely be ordering another three months. I would have done this review sooner but I wanted to take pictures lol Now I'm waiting to show some really fantastic pictures :-) Oh and the massage roller...my new favorite color for a while now and...oh the bliss <3

Hair Growth Formula
Sandra Satterfield
Love love your product

I love the hair369 I have told some friends about it and how it has been great for my hair. I plan to keep using it since I’m having great things happen with my hair after using a month now. I want all my friends to try it with me being a woman in her 50’s we need some help as we get older and this will be my go to. Thank you so much for hair369. What a wonderful product.


I have been using the gummies for almost 2 months, and believe me you, it does wonder, my hair grew fully body & looks amazing, I got so much compliments from friends. I will post six month pic soon. I am so excited and happy that I finally found a product that works for a great price!

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
yanni rodriguez
Good try

Very good I like it !!


Love this product and it works. Soft smell that does not get stick in my hair. I also use it with the scalp massager before bed and feels so nice in my scalp and goes in and our of my hair without any problem. I had other scalp massagers before but did not like them because they got stuck in my hair.

Very good product

I've been taking the vitamins for about a month and half . I currently wear protective styles, and when I took out my braids, my hairstylist noticed that my hair had significantly gotten fuller. HOWEVER I hadn't noticed my hair getting longer but "I" prefer volume over length.

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