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Growth and less shedding

I truely and honestly believe that my hair has flourished with these vitamins. I had cut my hair a lot shorter to get rid of my bleach damage, which led to not being able to form a ponytail. I notice within a week of using these, my ponytail came back! I also have less shedding from wash days. These vitamins can work miracles!

I’m a believer

I’m so happy I made up in my mind to purchase these vitamins. My hair is flourishing and my nails are growing so long and strong. Thank you for you hard work research and love that have put into you product. I will repurchase 😊

Grow! Up & Out

I have been using your vitamins for almost two years. Dayzha Llewellyn (Product Ambassador) introduced me to them because she was taking, I was skeptical but I saw her results and was impressed. I tried them and was immediately impressed on how quickly my nails and hair grew. I chopped off all my hair this past summer and now I want to grow out my hair again, so I recently purchased another bottle. I already see some inches coming through! Thank you Hair369!

Loving the results.

I have tried hair369 for 2 months. I must say I am impressed. I have noticed that my hair sheds less during wash days and has shine for days. Doesn't break out skin and help with nails. Definitely getting my 6 month supply.

369 hair vitamins❤️

369 hair vitamins are really magical🤤 i had my first rezo cut in november 17 and they cut it so short😭 i had to order my vitamins ASAP!!!and now is growing back again so fast . I just love this product so much . Im ready for my next bottle🙏🏻


I finished by first bottle last week and ordered two more bottles which came with the hair massager. I have not seen a noticeable change in my hair yet and I am hoping that by the time I finish my second bottle, I will see some definite results. I love the massager and use it often to stimulate my scalp. I do notice that my nails have been growing so incredibly fast and so strong. I am remaining patient and positive. Just because I'm not seeing lightning fast results, doesn't mean that I won't eventually see a difference in the growth of my hair with Hair369.:-)

Believe the hype

I was very sceptical about these expensive pills particularly as I’m from Australia and the exchange rate is really bad. I was a bit ad hoc taking them at first but I have been taking them almost every day since December 2019. I now have these baby hairs growing all over my forehead. I will definitely be ordering another three month supply when mine runs out. I’ll just wait for another 30% off sale.


I wasn’t expecting my hair to grow this fast! My hair is curly and normally grows slow, so I’m happy with the results. My eye lashes are longer too which is an added bonus!

i have experience some difference in my hair...it looks fuller...it has a lot more volume...and i havent had that in years...also my eye lashes look darker...assuming they grew...so far am liking this product...i just requested my second bottle...am up for my hair journey..I also want to thank my coworker Crystal for introducing me to this amazing product...


Definitely was not expecting my hair to grow that fast I have recommended this product to my friends and family. Can’t wait to complete my hair goals using this amazing product. Thank you Hair369!!!

I love these pills. They are very helpful

Love them

Noticeably thicker and longer hair

Actually works

It’s been a little over a month & I can tell my hair is really growing! This stuff doesn’t make me break out or give me headaches like other vitamins. They also don’t taste bad either! Easy to take, great results!

Love this product

I first used this product after having chemical and heat damage trying to regrow my hair this product made a huge difference within three months now I am taking it again again trying to grow my hair even more before another cut to shape my natural hair

I loved the product. I saw a significant change in length & HEALTH! I’m such a short period.

Love it!

Within a week of starting these my nails were growing and are strong. I have issues growing both my hair and nails so this was a pleasant surprise!! Within 2-3 weeks my hair starting growing and is now super shiny. Was recommended by a friend and I’m very glad I decided to try


Good up to now

Amazing product

I have been using this product for 6months & I have to say the difference in my hairs health & length is unbelievable! I highly recommend this product! Also if you ever find yourself have a problem reach out to the company, they always respond very quickly to your emails & always makes sure you are happy and satisfied! Thank you hair369 this curly girl is very happy!

Sweetiez Hair Growth Chewies
Best Hair Growth Supplement

I've been taking the Chewies for about a month and my hair is fuller, nails are stronger and look healthier and my skin is glowing. Such a HUGE difference. I just place another order and can't wait to see what will happen in the coming months. :) You won't be disappointed!

Sweetiez Hair Growth Chewies 2 Bottles

Love the gummies! Finally my hair is growing.

You can't order just one bottle

I've been "growing " my hair out for two years.Due to hormone changes my hair wasn't growing as fast or thick as it used to. So I bought these vitamins hoping for a little extra help. I didn't notice much of a difference while I was taking the first bottle, but shortly after I started the second one (and drinking more water) I noticed the hair on the sides of my head is growing much faster than usual. I haven't seen a significant change with the hair at the crown, but I'm hoping that'll change when I start the third bottle.
Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will order more soon.

It really works!!

I absolutely love this product. A friend recommended it to me and I’m so glad I tried it. I’m going through menopause and found that my hair was starting to thin in front. It was beginning to look very dull and unhealthy. The vitamin supplements I was taking for hair health just was not doing it’s job. Since taking this Hair 369, my hair is full again, healthy and so shiny. My skin has a nice glow and my nails are stronger than ever. My hair is looking like it used to, pre-menopause. I highly recommend buying it!!! 💕

Definitely see a difference

Been using for a few months now and my hair is so much softer and shinier.. compliments all the time on my length and how healthy it looks. Great product!

Sweetiez Hair Growth Chewies
I see a difference! :)

I always had thick hair, but getting older, I noticed my hair growth has slowed down. I just finished one bottle, and I can attest, I feel my hair stands getting stronger and my hair is growing faster on top. Love Hair 369. I'm so motivated to see what my hair is going to do with in the next few months. Great tasting and cute heart shape chewable.

Sweetiez Hair Growth Chewies 2 Bottles

Love these gummies! I’m seeing results within a couple months!

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