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Amazing!!! Nothing more to say!!

It works

Love this product. I have tried other hair growth formulas but do not produce results. Take these and within a month you will notice a difference. My hair feel thicker and healthier. I cant wait to see how my hair feel in a year.

Hair grow

I love it I can see the difference just a lil bit but I can feel it is growing from when I had cut it short and I can also see that my hair has a lil bit of brown

Hair pill review

Thank you, shipping was fast and packaging was very nicely done. I have seen a increase in my hair growth with these pills, and my nails and skin as well. I love them and will continue to purchase these pills. Thank you!

Will be ordering more

Still a bit early but I like the pills so far.

I love it!!!

I have tried many hair growth vitamins that have not given me any results but have done a great job at causing acne flare ups. I bought two bottles and just started on my second bottle. In about a month I have noticed an inch of growth and absolutely no acne! I couldn’t rave more about these vitamins.

Less fall out

Purchased these gummies for myself and my 13yro daughter. We’ve had less fall out and a little growth in a month. I get compliments on how full my hair looks. Will definitely continue purchasing to see how long our hair can grow

They are great

After a month I saw results, my hair is thicker and more healthy

I’m obsessed!

After months of watching my curl friends achieve amazing results with Hair369, I finally bought a two month supply and haven’t stopped! The difference I’ve seen in 6 months is incredible! I’ve always felt like it takes my hair a long time to grow and for the first time I feel like I can barely keep up! I purchased the gummies which are delicious so it’s also a nice treat! Highly recommend.

I love the taste of the gummies. I can say that in terms of length my hair has grown, but I don’t really see a difference in the thickness of my hair. I do the proper washing, conditioning, hair massages, etc. but still haven’t seen a change in the thickness of my hair even after taking these gummies for a while. Haven’t finished the bottle yet, so hopefully I see some changes!


I just finished my first bottle and all I can say is WOW! I wish I had the money for the 2nd month! I did it to try it out and see if I liked it and I fell in love! I’m able to see the difference in my hair and my nails too! My hair feels so much healthier and able to grow thicker! There is less damage since eating the chewy vitamins. I even noticed a huge difference in my nails as well! My nails feel much stronger and do not easily break! Everything about the chewy vitamins are true and I didn’t think it would be! I love everything about this product!

Yummie Gummies

I'm on my second bottle of the gummies. I love the taste. It's like candy. I look forward to taking them daily. So far I'm showing growth with my nails. I'll give it a couple more months for significant results with my hair.

I haven’t seen growth in the way you’d expect, but I do think my hair has gotten a lot healthier and much more springy. The gummies are really sweet too like candy

Great taste!

The gummies have a great taste and are easy to eat. I feel like my results were a little better with the pill form but that's just me. I hope it's great for others. I still really like this product!

Great product

After only a few weeks of using these vitamins, I have seen incredible growth to my hair and nails. Other vitamins I have tried in the past have no given me results like these. I am very pleased with the results!

Not sure yet...

Let me just say that these chewies taste better than candy! Absolutely delicious! However, I dont have any more growth than i normally would. I have only been taking them for about 6 weeks and will continue to take until my second bottle is gone. It is recommended to take vitamins for at least 2 months, so I'll do another review then. :)

So Excited!

I ordered 3 bottles from Hair369. I just finished my first bottle with no breakouts. I haven't seen any growth yet but I'm very excited to see what Hair369 can do for me! I will update after my 90 day supply!

So far I am loving these hair pills! I am only in the first two months of taking them but I do see a difference in fullness and length.

Hey girlies

I started using these sweeties a little over a month ago the first month my hair went through a thickening stage ! It was crazy because I’m like dude my hair is looking great then I realized my hair is growing and I’m extremely satisfied I’m on my second bottle and ordering another 2 pack soon try them frfr they are great

So far so good

Still too early to tell if it’s working really..

Great product

I'm on my 2nd bottle but I can see the difference, my hair used to be very dry and break a lot but since I started taking this vitamin my hair looks good, growing, it also works great for my skin and nails, I highly recommend it


My hair grew significantly in 6 months, I love the product it has healthy ingredients and I have used 3 bottles of it so far. Definitely a must get for hair loss and hair thinning.

Great Product!

So far (one month in) these are doing their job! Great hair, great nails. Can't wait to see how it all looks three months from now!


I start experiencing rapid hair thinning especially in the crown area. I have been using hair369 for over 30 days straight and my hair is much fuller And not coming out as much. I am about to order another supply.

Ioim sorry but I can take any kind of pills so I still heve them at home.

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