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It’s a great vitamin I’ve been using on and off for years. The ingredients are good, I don’t breakout using these my hair has definitely grown faster when I’m consistent on taking these.


Love these, won’t use any other brand!

I love it!!

I do believe your water intake is essential for faster results, I dont like capsules but I take my hair369 vitamins like its candy, they have become apart of my daily routine!! run!! dont walk to order yours!

Love it

I have been consistently taking these for a while and I feel like it has helped my hair become stronger and grow better!

My Holy Grail!

I love these hair vitamins!!
These are the only hair vitamins that fills up my thinned sides. My hair has grown in length as well. I have been using these hair vitamins for the past 2 years. I would definitely recommend . Keep in mind your hair is not going to grow over night. Be patient because you will definitely see a difference.

stevani west

I drink alot of water with my capsules and i have seen a difference in growth!


Love this product and what it has so far done for me. My hair is healthy, shiny, quick growing and full. I love that the vitamins are so easy to swallow and that I never experience any after taste and that my stomach never bothers me after consuming. Another great side effect is how incredibly fast and strong my nails have grown and become. After more than a year of consuming this product, I am very comfortable recommending it to family members and friends.

Hair369--3 Bottles + Free Gifts
Jennylou Sciancalepore
This queries

Had been taking over 6 months and coyld see a difference then ran out and didn't order for 2 months. Can talk tell difference. You have to stick to it but these real do what they say!!

Ann Knight
These vitamins are great!

I was skeptical about taking hair growth vitamins because I've not seen results with other brands. What others have said is really true! I'm only on my second bottle and I can see improvements in the thickness of my hair and I'm slowly seeing hair growth along the sides and my crown areas where there was none before.

Sandra Moore
Great Priduct

I bought this in the recommendation of an influencer and I'm glad I did!
Been taking them about a month and I can tell the difference, will be buying more!

Best hair growth product on the market. Never fails!

best i’ve tried

Everything comes on time, and the vitamins truly have done a wonder on restoring my length and the fullness of my hair.

Shelley E
This works for me!

I really like this product. I was in the process of purchasing the chewables when they available a couple of months ago, but someone else beat me to them. I still miss them!

absolutely wonderful bought it for a friend with thinning hair and she feels the difference already.

Hair369--3 Bottles + Free Gifts
Jodi Dowdell Clawson
Growth, volume, health!

I’ve been taking 369 for several months and have noticed REMARKABLE growth. My hair used to grow at less than 1/2” per month and now grows at least an inch each month! It’s also stronger with less breakage and thicker! I highly recommend this formula!!

This stuff works

Consistency is key. Also I just love the SMELL of the hair/scalp oil. I've noticed my scalp is healthier and I have much less breakage at my ends. I love these products and as long as they keep working, I'll keep taking them.

I lost a significant amount of hair after covid + a stressful year. I have been taking these for about 9 months and have noticed a difference in hair growth. That's why I continue to purchase!

Doris Russell
Wonderful Product

I have enjoyed taking Hair 369 vitamins and my hair and body has also. I especially like the Gummies and can’t wait for them to resurface!

It Works!

I have been struggling with hair loss and thinning for some time now. I have naturally curly, fine hair and there were significant bald spots on the back of my head and I could see the hairline around my face thinning as well. Since starting these vitamins I have had hair growth and thickening. I can see the tiny hairs starting to regrow and tell my hair feels thicker at the scalp as well. I highly recommend these vitamins!

Works Great, but have to pay customs

I like the vitamins but wish there was an option to not apply the free gift, I hate waste. I also was sad to have to pay customs so will wait until you come to Canada before ordering again.

My hair has grown quite a lot in the three months I've been using them. I definitely notice a difference.

Will replenish when it gets low in my personal inventory

I have seen my hair improve over the past two years and an overall improvement in my health and wellness. I incorporate this in my wellness routine. Easy to digest, personally have not experienced side effects .

Excellent Hair Vitamins

These vitamins provide a lot of nourishment for my hair growth. I've tried others that actually caused my hair to be stiffer than usual. I do miss the gummy version though.


I dont do alot of reviews but i just had to with hair369!
After doing my research because I've tried other products that just didn't sit well with my stomach and didnt really help, I came across hair369. The skin on my face was breaking out bad but my main concern was my major hair loss (as seen in the photos). I started to become so insecure until hair369 capsules brought my hair, skin, and nails back to life just within months!!! Now its been 2 years and I still take them everyday. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who ask!!

This Works!

The Hair 369 Hair Growth Vitamins have really been working for me. I've been measuring my hair growth by measuring how much growth shows with my root hair coloring, so I can actually see that my hair is not just growing the typical 1/2 inch a month, but rather 3/4 of an inch each month. I'm excited that I will see 9 inches of growth in a year instead of the typical 6 inches in a year. I am definitely planning to keep using these vitamins. They work!

Megan Weiss
Really works

I was eying these vitamins for 6 months before I actually bought them. Now I wish I bought them sooner. I have been taking 2 daily in the morning (on an empty stomach if anyone is wondering) with all my other vitamins for 3 months and my hair has grown at least half an inch overall. I know half an inch doesn’t seem like much but for me it is due to suffering from psoriasis on scalp. I also like this hair vitamin because it has other healthy vitamins in it as well such as Vitamin C and Zinc. Thank you to the makers of this vitamin, you’ve done a great job 👏🏽

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