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This was my second bottle soon I gonna order my 3th one this product is wonderful I recommend eye close excellent 👌

First Experience

My first time taking these pills were good. I notice a difference in my hair and nails, but not a big difference. I would recommend these pills to anyone interested in growing there hair. I believe it works differently for everyone.

Me encanta!!!

Solo llevo 4 semanas de uso y la diferencia de mi cabello es muy notable y me a crecido bastante. Definitivamente lo seguire usando

Haven't noticed much of a difference.


Hi Ladies,

This is a MUST HAVE product!

The 2nd photo is before starting this product.
The 1ST photo is one month later.

My curls are thick, and healthy now. My hair has grown so fast in one month I still cannot believe it.
My skin is clean from pimples, My hair has its own natural oils.

It was easy to order and the products came fast.
I bought three months worth of it.

Thank You hair 369 for these amazing products, I will buy more soon again.


Hello Ladies,

I bought the three bottles because I only hear good things about this product so I got carry away. lol

I absolutely love it!

In one month my hair has grown so much. I added photos to show you.

The 1st photo is before I started and the 2nd is one month taking them.

My curls are now thick and so healthy I love my hair more now.

Love it

Love this product so far my hair is thicker and not shedding as much either looks and feels healthier.

Great and worth getting

Love it and it helped the front of my hair grow. Just be patient w it.


My Hair369 Journey

This is what six months progress has brought my hair and I owe that to Hair369 I will continue to use this product.

Omg my hair grew!

Loved these sooo happy it works!

I love it!!!!

I can’t believe it but it really helps. My hair grew so fast the last month it is amazing 😍

Amazing product

I started taking the Hair369 Vitamins in March 2019 after cutting my hair to my shoulders. It’s now May & my hair has reached bra-strap length in just two months. I was taking two pills a day, but I’m naturally very hair and it was making my hair grow EVERYWHERE. Now I only take one pill a day, and they still work wonders on my hair growth. I love this product and would recommend it to everyone.

After 4 months

I’ve been transitioning for 10 months & started taking hair369 4 months ago. I have fine, post-menopausal thinning curls. Was hoping this product would make my hair grow thicker and faster. Although I don’t think my hair is any thicker, I do think it helps my hair grow faster. I take the pill with a meal and have never had any stomach discomfort.

I have high hopes! 🤞🏽

I’ve been using this product for about a month now. My very first order was unfortunately delivered to me in a damaged manner; ie bag was open and crinkled when I got it. So I contacted Hair369 right away to make them aware of what had happened. What a great experience with thier customer service! The person got back to me within just a few hours, was very apologetic (although it was not their fault), they contacted my local USPS to give the complaint and they sent me a new package that same day, & I got it within a day and a half after that!! I’m someone who works in customer service and I guess I may have a higher standard of what good customer service is & they definitely have it! When I comes to my results with the product, I am giving it a little more time before I make my full judgement. Which is the mistake I’ve made in the past, as to I use the product for 1-2 months, I don’t see dramatic results and would give up. I have high hopes that this product will help me reach my goal of getting my long luscious curly hair back! The scalp massager I use everyday! Definitely my favorite non-electronic massager I have!

Love it!!

I love Hair369!! I can see a difference in the strength in my hair within a few weeks of taking it. I had less shedding and my skin even looked healthier.

Results within the first month

I have been using these vitamins for about 1 1/2 months and I’ve definitely seen results! In the first month my hair grew about 2inches and my nails are growing! And I did not experience any breakouts!


This product is amazing!!! My hair felt fuller just after one bottle. On my second bottle now.... stay tune!

Love it!

My hair has major shrinkage... But I have been talking the vitamins every day and I can definitely see hair growth!

Great product

So far so good, only been using for a month do can't wait to see what 2 & 3 looks like!

Very Good

My hair grew a lot and seem very healthy, I'm enjoying!!

My hair is starting to get better

They seem to be working well, I noticed my baby hairs growing longer and my thin areas around my forehead are filled out a little more.


Love this product! Almost done with my second bottle. I have curly hair and noticed my hair getting longer after the first month so i ordered 3 more! :)


I definitely see a difference in my hair. I’ve been taking the vitamins for almost a month and my friends have asked if my hair got longer. Definitely made my day!

Yes!!!!!! I love it!!!!

I'm so happy with the Hair Growth Formula!! I got to order some more.

I love it!

I love love this product for hair growth! It does how ever give me acne which I never had acne before using it but I don’t mind since it’s doing such wonders for my hair growth 👏🏻

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