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Hair Growth Formula
Jennifer Prior
Great Product!

I have been using the Hair369 hair growth vitamins for a couple of months now and my hair really does seem to be growing faster. I'm y. Veralso noticing that my hair looks healthy, shiny, and less frizzy. I'm very happy with my purchase.


I really love the gummies if you have trouble taking pills lol like I do the gummies are great I take two a day

Great vitamins

I have seen much hair growth since I have been using these vitamins, Great product! I highly recommend

They work!

Not only has my hair grown and is generally healthier and thicker, my texture seems to have changed after about a year of mostly consistent use. By changed, I mean it no longer gets tangled after washing so I really don't need to use a detangling shampoo/conditioner. To me, this is a positively major change! I'm thankful to have found something that actually works for my 4c hair.

Great gummies!

I enjoy these gummies and love that I am seeing growth! The capsules are great too!

Yummy Gummies

This product has really helped my hair grow. Not only by length, but the thickness is unreal! I have told everyone who asks about my hair about this product and will continue to tell people. Having lost all my hair after being hospitalized, this product has given me so much confidence back. I highly recommend it!

My favorite hair vitamins

This is by far the best hair supplement that I have taken. It doesn't break me out and it tastes delicious. I highly recommend this product!

Great taste! Great results!

I cut my hair completely bald last year after I had a bad run in with some bleach. I started taken these gummies shortly after and within a year I have a full head of hair. This is the healthiest my hair has ever been.Other gummies would cause me to have really bad breakouts no matter how much water I would drink. These don’t do that at all! The first pic with short hair is from November 2021 the next pic is now as I’m doing my hair lol!

Seems to be working!

I am 58 years old with curly hair that I get highlighted. I was diagnosed with low thyroid about a year ago and noticed I was losing more hair and it seemed like my hair wasn’t growing. I decided to give this a try. I’m halfway through my second bottle and I’m starting to notice my hair is finally getting longer. Can’t say that I’m not still losing hair but that is sometimes the nature of curly hair.
As a bonus, my nails seem to be getting stronger!

Love these!

I am on my second bottle and almost done and my hair has really grown. I didn't want to review until I was at least 60 days in and I think this is when the results start to slowly come in. Will continue to buy!

Hair growth

I definitely have seen a difference in my hair growth that my daughter now wants in and I will definitely be re ordering soon. I'm so glad I finally found something that works on my hair.Loving the results so far.

Best vitamins yet!

I've taken other chewable vitamins for HNS but never seen the difference like I've had with Sweetiez. It's only been a month but I see little baby hairs growing, and overall after 30 days I could see my hair bouncier and shinier. Thin and fine 3B, and hair growth has been a challenge since I was little. Can't wait to see how it continues to grow!

moisture rich

This product is wonderful. I can feel the difference in hydration. it’s a great tool in my health natural hair journey!


Best ever tablets - do exactly as they say. I saw Curlycailin.ie had recommended them so thought id try them. Been using them for a year now and have never had such healthy long hair.

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Barinia Abdulgabbar
Happy customer!

I’m really happy I started my hair curly journey with this product, it’s to soon for me to see results jet but I like the routine I started of taking care of my scalp. I enjoy the smell of the oil and the taste of the gummy’s and in top of all that, the tool to massage my scalp🥰
Thank you! I do recommend this product.

Hair Growth Formula
Karly Leach

This stuff right here is literally Magic in in pill form! I have been trying to grow my hair out for years and even eating the right healthy food and drinking plenty of water wasn’t doing the trick so as soon as i heard about these from some of my favorite influencers, i purchased it as soon as i could and my hair is honestly growing like crazy! I’ve noticed a bit of length and even fullness in my hair starting at my scalp and I’ve only been taking these for over a month. Highly recommend!

My holy grail

Everyone always talks about that ONE holy grail product that they can't live without...this is mine!! My hair is fuller, longer, stronger, and doesn't fall out by the handful when I brush it anymore. After having babies, I was resigned to never having full hair again.
My confidence is renewed! Best part, no negative side effects like bloating or scalp irritation. (I had both when I tried taking biotin) Btw, this is not a fake review. Just sharing my honest results with those on the fence about ordering. I am seriously a customer for LIFE!

Amazon Product

I tell all of my friends about this product. It really works. I love the chewies!

Hair Growth Formula
Carrie Johnson

I’m very happy with the result I get from hair369. It’s does everything it claims. My hair is growing and my edges looks much better and thicker.


The oil have been a great addition to the 369 vitamins that I have already been taking. Thanks to this product i have seen so much hair growth over the last year especially after my hair was barely growing due to a bad hair dye. This have both saved and brought my hair back to life. I totally recommend it to everyone who struggles with growing their hair!

Investing in MYSELF!!

If you have been trying to decide if this is worth investment you will NOT be disappointed! I purchased the Hair Growth Formula 3 Bottles as a starter for my daughter and I. Within two weeks we noticed marked nail growth and nail strength (an added bonus). Our hair has less breakage during our wash days. You know the shower wall of hair fairies! It has now been two months and my has grown in length and thickness. When your coworkers comment on hair growth you know it's real! I have just purchased another round of Hair Growth Formula3 as I do not want to ever be without them! Order the 3 month supply the bonus scalp massager and hair ties are nice freebies! I am VEGAN so another added bonus for my health!

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Angilique Falcon
A must for your haircare routine!!

I purchased Hair & Scalp Growth Oil in a bundle for both my daughter and me two months ago. In addition to the oil, I also committed to the three-month supply of vitamins. We have both been very diligent in using both products. We have seen noticeable hair growth and overall increased thickness. The oil is easy to distribute, especially when using the massage wand that came in the bundle. Little extras are a big help. The oil is a gentle scent that we use at night and allow it to absorb by the morning. If I have ends that need a little bit of TLC I just add a few drops to my hands and smooth it on the ends. We have also used the Hair & Scalp Growth Oil as a pre-oil deep treatment. We oil our scalp and hair on a Saturday, use a plastic cap to sleep in, and then have a wash day Sunday. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. The Hair & Scalp Growth is a welcome addition to our hair care routine!

The definitely worth

I have used lots of different hair growth pills and hair369 has worked for hair growth than all of the BY FAR!!!! I ordered a 6 month supply and will be ordering another 6 month supply when these are gone

Scalp & Hair Growth Oil
Carrie Johnson
Satisfied Customer

I’m very please with the result of both products. The oil I mix it with my leave in moisturizer and it really works with my hair texture. I have been using the hair369 for quite a while and I’m please with that also. With the oil I can see growth that I’m happy with. Thank you

Advanced Hair Growth formula pills

I Feel these Hair Growth Pills
Has Helped Make a Difference
In My Hair Growth
And I'm Glad I Did Decide
To Purchase. Also my Nails
Are Stronger And Do Not Break Easily

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