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Get ready to achieve long, gorgeous, healthy hair and nails with the daily use of Hair369! The synergistic blend of 14 premium ingredients, formulated by a medical professional, will give your body a boost of vitamins for shinier, stronger, thicker hair.

Many women don’t get enough vitamins and vital nutrients in their diet, which can result in shedding, weak, and dull hair. These easy-to-swallow veggie capsules are vegan-friendly and designed to absorb quickly, so you’ll see results faster. Best of all, they’re non-GMO and made without gluten or sugar. Unlock your hair’s potential with tresses that grow longer and faster!

**Warning** Your friends will envy you and the guys will stare!


Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Shelley E
This works for me!

I really like this product. I was in the process of purchasing the chewables when they available a couple of months ago, but someone else beat me to them. I still miss them!

Doris Russell
Wonderful Product

I have enjoyed taking Hair 369 vitamins and my hair and body has also. I especially like the Gummies and can’t wait for them to resurface!


I dont do alot of reviews but i just had to with hair369!
After doing my research because I've tried other products that just didn't sit well with my stomach and didnt really help, I came across hair369. The skin on my face was breaking out bad but my main concern was my major hair loss (as seen in the photos). I started to become so insecure until hair369 capsules brought my hair, skin, and nails back to life just within months!!! Now its been 2 years and I still take them everyday. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who ask!!

Megan Weiss
Really works

I was eying these vitamins for 6 months before I actually bought them. Now I wish I bought them sooner. I have been taking 2 daily in the morning (on an empty stomach if anyone is wondering) with all my other vitamins for 3 months and my hair has grown at least half an inch overall. I know half an inch doesn’t seem like much but for me it is due to suffering from psoriasis on scalp. I also like this hair vitamin because it has other healthy vitamins in it as well such as Vitamin C and Zinc. Thank you to the makers of this vitamin, you’ve done a great job 👏🏽

Nicole Morissette

I tried hand tied extensions and after a year, I lost so much hair due to damage from them! My neighbor recommended this product and said how amazing it was, I was desperate for giving anything a try after what my hair looked like. I’ve been taking the pills and using the scalp oil for a month and a half now. It’s truly helped me so much, my hair feels more full and I have baby hairs growing!! This will take more time to grow but these products have helped and I highly recommend. I will buy more soon after I complete this bottle! Thank you for an amazing product! I will do a 6 month before/after pic and upload as well to show the difference.

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