• Sweetiez--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Sweetiez--2 Bottles + Free Gifts
  • Sweetiez--2 Bottles + Free Gifts


Sweetiez--2 Bottles + Free Gifts

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If you have a hard time taking pills then these tasty Sweetiez are for you!

Get ready to achieve long, gorgeous, healthy hair and nails with the daily use of just 2 of these amazing Sweetiez from Hair369! The synergistic blend of premium ingredients, formulated by a medical professional, will give your body a boost of vitamins for shinier, stronger, thicker hair.

Many women don’t get enough vitamins and vital nutrients in their diet, which can result in shedding, weak, and dull hair. These great tasting Chewies are vegetarian-friendly and designed to absorb quickly, so you’ll see results faster. Best of all, they’re non-GMO and made without gluten or hormones. Unlock your hair’s potential with tresses that grow longer and faster!

**Warning** Your friends will envy you and the guys will stare!

Hair369 is a vegetarian friendly hair growth formula designed to help you grow longer, stronger, healthier, sexier hair! Fast!

💕All 2 bottle orders will receive a FREE scalp massager and 2 FREE hair ties “While Supplies Last” **Only 1 free scalp massager and 2 hair ties will be gifted per order** 💕


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
They work!

Not only has my hair grown and is generally healthier and thicker, my texture seems to have changed after about a year of mostly consistent use. By changed, I mean it no longer gets tangled after washing so I really don't need to use a detangling shampoo/conditioner. To me, this is a positively major change! I'm thankful to have found something that actually works for my 4c hair.

Connie Mier
Yummy Gummies

This product has really helped my hair grow. Not only by length, but the thickness is unreal! I have told everyone who asks about my hair about this product and will continue to tell people. Having lost all my hair after being hospitalized, this product has given me so much confidence back. I highly recommend it!

Lisa Hannagan
Seems to be working!

I am 58 years old with curly hair that I get highlighted. I was diagnosed with low thyroid about a year ago and noticed I was losing more hair and it seemed like my hair wasn’t growing. I decided to give this a try. I’m halfway through my second bottle and I’m starting to notice my hair is finally getting longer. Can’t say that I’m not still losing hair but that is sometimes the nature of curly hair.
As a bonus, my nails seem to be getting stronger!

Best vitamins yet!

I've taken other chewable vitamins for HNS but never seen the difference like I've had with Sweetiez. It's only been a month but I see little baby hairs growing, and overall after 30 days I could see my hair bouncier and shinier. Thin and fine 3B, and hair growth has been a challenge since I was little. Can't wait to see how it continues to grow!

Jacqueline Johnson
Great Products

The gummy vitamins taste great. I have notice some growth... ❤️❤️

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